A visual representation of seven individuals' perceptions of New York City, presented in the form of seven posters. Each poster displays a different cognitive map of the city, as well as distinguishing information provided by the participants involved in the project.
This project was based on my desire to understand and communicate the bias that exists in the creation of maps. I wanted to emphasize this topic by designing maps that are intentionally biased towards specific people and, by doing so, showing each person's unique perspective of the same environment. I focused on New York City for my project.
My main goal was to display the relationship between a person's weekly routine and their perception of New York City. To do this, I collaborated with seven people and utilized geolocation tracking, interviews, and cognitive mapping exercises. I wanted to use graphic design to effectively communicate this relationship between personal routine and environmental perception.
This was created for my senior thesis at New York University.
Thesis advisors: DeAngela Duff, Tega Brain
Tools: Illustrator