Key contributor on a team that won mobile app design and development contest held by the Ideation and Prototyping course at NYU (sponsored by Mango Concept). I devised the general concept and graphics of the game, aided with the storyboarding process and along with my team members, developed the working components of the app. Mango Concept has decided to incubate the game concept and release it on the iOS and Android app market.
The app is meant to spread awareness about the rapidly declining bee population through user participation in an engaging game. The game’s primary method of generating revenue is through in-app purchases. One of the main elements of the game is donating a portion of user purchases towards a foundation purposed for helping and spreading awareness of bees.
Design Process
Sketch design studio & rapid iteration 
Decide on sketches
Create digital product
User testing of digital prototype
Adobe Photoshop, Marvel
Please view the Keynote here.
Check out the digital prototype here.
Initial designs:
Annotated wireframe
Updated designs:

First opening the app

Game play


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